Thank you Parity

Yesterday was my last day of work at Parity Systems Limited. I worked there for 6 years and 3 months as a software engineer. Now it's all over, the company is now just the founder, and all my colleagues have been forced to move on to different pastures.

I look back at my time at Parity with fondness. There were some difficult times, some great times, some really tough days and some really light ones. All in all, I've become a better software engineer for the men and women that I worked with for those many years. I sure will miss seeing them everyday.

On the bright side, I know I still continue to see the engineers I worked with at RTSG in Trinidad whenever I'm back there. So I know that I'll still get to see Yuhong and his wife from time to time as well. I think of most I'll miss sharing an office with an amazing developer, who also shared my love for football (the European kind).

I'll miss going into One Rotary Center, and just knowing my way around. I'll miss my chair... oh wait, nope, I took my chair with me. Forget that, I love my Herman Miller chair.

I'll miss the amazing family who ran this awesome company. They were pillars of integrity as far as I learned and there model in how to treat a customer, regardless of how a customer treats us, is something I will take with me forever.

Thanks for the memories Parity. One door closes, another one opens.