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If you need help building out a web application, sharpening your technical chops of just want to trade ideas over a cup of tea - offer me coffee and you're out of luck. If the time works, I'll be happy to sit with you for up to an hour to design an algorithm or just help you connect dots on a whiteboard.

What do you need to do? Just connect with me on Twitter at @KirkLashley, or in real life if you track me down somewhere, and I'll see if I can help you. Why me? Actually there are so many talented technologists and entrepreneurs out here in Chicago, if you have access to someone else, please connect with them.

What I've learned since I started my journey is that people have very small networks and many of them are afraid to share their ideas with developers for fear that the developer is going to run off with their idea. Honestly I've yet to meet anyone so unscrupulous in the Chicago market.

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Chicago IL