Why Another Blog?

I've asked myself that question, and come to realize I spend many hours searching online for information to problems I'm facing. Many times I can't find software engineers of technology entrepreneurs who either have that problem, or have taken the time to document their solutions to those common problems.

Doesn't Stack Overflow already do this?

Stack Overflow seems to be the obvious place to go to answer technical questions, however when I'm there I seem to end up answering more questions by even more confused developers. Buzz words are being thrown around and new technologies and apps are coming down of the pipeline faster than anyone can manage anymore.

Where am I going with this?

Over the last 12 years of professional software engineering, I learned more than a few things. I hope this space will be helpful to not only document some of the lessons I've learned but also a common space to share knowledge with other software engineers.

In this blog I hope to share my inspiration in developing server side web applications, websites, Android apps and more. My goals is to fully document each personal project that I'm undertaking to save other engineers months of research to get up and running, or at least save them some grief from going down a road already traveled.